Resident Info

YOUR FIRE NUMBER is important if you need emergency services. Is yours visible?

BEFORE REMODELING OR BUILDING A NEW HOME, PUTTING IN A NEW DRIVEWAY ON COUNTY ROAD CC, you need to contact the Lincoln County Land Services Department (715) 539-1087 and UDC inspector Dave Hilgendorf (715) 453-3211 or (715) 966-0930 for a building permit.

Town Road Driveway Permits are obtained from Town Clerk (715) 453-6090 or the Chairman (715) 453-4797.

BURNING PERMITS are required anytime you want to burn. Contact the DNR at 1-888-947-2876 or go on the internet to to obtain an annual burning permit or permit for a one-time burning and for further information.

WEIGHT LIMITS usually go into effect sometime in March so please check with our Town Chair at 715-453-4797 for dates and limits.

Weight Limits can last about two weeks, sometimes a little longer, depending on weather conditions. Spring time is very hard on town roads due to the spring thaw, which also creates soft surfaces along the edge of the road.

TOWN ROADS: If you see a problem on a town road, such as storm damage or hazards, please contact the Town Chairman or a Supervisor.